GetThere in the United Kingdom

In the U.K. and throughout EMEA, buyers can choose from a multitude of online booking tools. But with constant challenges like airline volatility, culture differences, and ability to work with TMC’s, buyers need more than a tool. They need a partner.

GetThere is a proven partner. With a focus on extraordinary service and robust, reliable technology, GetThere goes beyond your ordinary OBT. As a leading software provider for booking and managing travel, meetings and virtual meetings, and able to integrate with expense systems, GetThere offers:

  • Air, hotel, rail and ground content from multiple Global Distribution Systems and outside the GDS
  • Comprehensive, professional account management and support, available throughout EMEA
  • Expense integration with leading providers like SAP and regional tools like DIMO Gestion
  • Average EMEA customer adoption of 76 percent¹
  • A bold new user interface modeled after best practices and popular travel and social networking sites, plus customer input
  • Products like the Travel Policy Engine to build custom controls for your program, and GetThere Virtual Meetings to instantly schedule public and private virtual conferencing rooms across the globe
  • Continued investment in expanding rail and hotel content, and improvements to GDS connectivity and air shopping
  • Hassle-free site implementation

GetThere is growing fast in the U.K., experiencing a nearly 70 percent growth in transactions over the last three years. We work with many regional TMC’s as well as global TMC’s, SilverRail, Travelfusion, plus the expense system of your choice.

For more information, contact representatives at our local offices:

Bill Hanfrey


¹Source: 2013 GetThere Corporate Travel Benchmark Report