Corporate Customers

Travel Management

The GetThere platform makes life easier for corporate travel managers. Build unique and complex policies that help you accomplish corporate and savings goals with our sophisticated policy engine. Give your travelers and arrangers a user-friendly platform where they can efficiently book trips and meetings from a traditional workspace, tablet and smartphone.


GetThere knows what IT professionals need: travel collaboration tools that work with existing and legacy technologies to ensure efficient processes that are easy for employees – and easy on the bottom line. GetThere solutions seamlessly connect with the widest range of HR, expense, and other systems – all in secure infrastructures that protect data like the gold in Fort Knox. GetThere serves the majority of America’s 100 largest managed travel programs, as well as federal government travel for multiple countries. You don’t win that business without bulletproof security.


As travel buying increasingly moves from HR to procurement, GetThere is ahead of the curve. Our advanced toolkit gives companies the widest range of options to minimize travel spend at multiple points across the buying process. Maximizing preferred air carriers? Consolidating hotel vendors across continents? GetThere has done this and much more for some of the world’s most complex programs – including many of the financial industry’s leading brands.


GetThere gives CFOs cover at all points of a company’s business cycle. When the business is expanding into new regions, GetThere likely already has clients in that location, and can offer guidelines on proven, sensible growth tactics that minimize expenditures. If you need to keep a tighter grip on travel spend, GetThere’s messaging and policy tools deliver an unparalleled collection of flexible applications that can bring a program in line in short order. What’s more, because GetThere understands the pressure to document savings, we’ll work closely with your TMC and expense partners to give you bulletproof reports – and hero status.